How to Catwalk Like a Supermodel ?

How to Catwalk Like a Supermodel ?

We have all seen those stunning supermodels showing off a beautiful attire and walking the runway like goddess. All people who aspire to be a supermodel need to know all the basics and all the tricks that no professionals will give you. Here are some rules and tips that you need to know:  

1. Catwalk with the right posture !

One of the most important things while catwalking is the posture. You have to pay close attention to your posture as the way you walk, and your posture can say a lot about your attitude. Keep your shoulders back and down. Make sure your arms hang at your sides. They should be relaxed. Let them sway naturally while walking. Then, keep your hands relaxed too.  It’s essential not to move your hands too much since this will make you look nervous and lose confidence.  

Moreover, a good posture means standing up as straight and keeping your head high. Place one foot in front of the other and walk straight ahead of you. Allow your hips to swing from side to side in an elegant way. Practice makes perfect ! So, keep practising your posture in front of a mirror.  

2. Keep your eyes focused !

Keeping your head up and looking straight ahead of you will help you stay focused. Try to keep your eyes fixed on a point to stay in a straight line while you’re walking. And avoid looking around you to avoid eye contact especially with the audience. Mind your facial expression you have to stay neutral. Keep your head up and your eyes focused. Set your chin facing slightly down. Try not to smile and keep your mouth closed in a natural way. Keep in mind that your facial expression has to stay neutral but in a natural way to show off the attire you are wearing.  

3. There’s no need to rush ! 

While you are walking through the runway, take your time and keep it natural. There is no need to rush through it. ‘Walk the high heels, don’t let them walk you’! Keep a dynamic but smooth and steady pace and keep it consistent with your step. Try to walk on a straight line, one-foot crossing in front of the other foot. 

Keep practicing walking in different styles of shoes but especially in high heels to get used to it and feel comfortable. What’s more, listening to music while practicing will help you create your own pace and attitude. Pick a point in front of you that is slightly higher than your eye level and walk towards it. It will help you stay in a straight line and remain centered and focused. 

4. Strike a pose !

Knowing how to strike a pose is one of the most important steps for catwalking like a supermodel. Indeed, at the end of the runway, you have to wait a few seconds and then strike your pose (e.g. lean onto one hip and make a quick eye contact with the cameras or the audience). Practicing your pose in front of a mirror will help you create your own pose that reflects your personality, attitude and confidence.  

5. Confidence is key !

Confidence is the key to everything, and it’s one of the first rules to walking like a model. When you feel confident, your walk will instantly change and become dynamic and powerful. You have to feel gorgeous. Embrace your beauty and who you are. Never keep your eyes down and always keep your head up! 

6. Enjoy the moment !

A catwalk is a great experience and you should live in the moment and enjoy it. Don’t get nervous and stop thinking too much ! Just stay relaxed and trust yourself. You worth it !  

Surround yourself with some positive energy and get inspired by your favorite supermodels to walk with attitude. Most importantly, be yourself and embrace your beauty.  

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